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Long term care (LTC) is not the subject that everyone would like to talk about with your partner, kids or your family but LTC is really necessary. This covers the cost of nursing home, assistance living or taking care at your home ( in home care). It provides to protect your nest egg or financial status. Medicare does not cover long term care (very limited). If you pay from your pocket, It can cost you $140.000 on average per year.

Most of Americans will need some kind of long term care Insurance. After the age of 65, you have 70% chance to use LTC and 20% needs at least for 5 years. Most of the American pay down their assets this care.


Reasons to get Long Term care:


  1. To relieve burden from your family.

  2. To protect your saving or nest egg.

  3. To preserve your life style.

  4. To be able to stay home longer period of time.

  5. To have an options for your care.

  6. To have an options, which assistance living or nursing home would you like to go.

  7. To leave your assets to your loved once.


Who should NOT buy Long term care:


If you have very little money. You may qualify for Medicaid, a government program that pays for long term care and medical expense for poor people. If you are expected to be in this situation, you do not need to purchased care insurance.


Where to purchased Long term care insurance:


Average cost of premium for Long term care is $2,700 per year which put the coverage out of their reach for most of the American but the good new is there are some life insurance plans which includes the long term care that means you can utilize the money from your life insurance policy Ask you agent who can find the plan which fits within your budget.


Remember: Insurance does purchased with the money. You purchased it from your health.

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