Medicare can be really confusing 

Our mission is to provide knowledge and understanding about Medicare

Happy Senior Couple
Happy Senior Couple

Original Medicare

Consists of :

Part A:  Hospital Insurance


  •  $0 premium If you have worked 40 credit.

  •  You pay deductibles and copays.


  •  $170.10 + Monthly Premium for 2022                       (may be higher based on income)

  •  You usually pay 20% of Medicare amount approved once you meet your deductible

 Our knowledge licensed insurance agent will help clients to choose the plans which suit their life styles.

Part B: Medical Insurance

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Medicare Advantage (MA)

  • Most of the plans have fixed copay for the hospital and medical services.

  • Plans have a yearly Out of Pocket maximum for copays, deductibles and coinsurance paid by the plan enrollee.

  • Some plans include drug coverage with $0 premium.

  • Most plans include Vision, Dental and Hearing etc.

  • Most MA plans includes Drug coverage.

We acknowledge the importunacy for seniors to find the correct plan for them. 

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Medicare Supplement

                  Part A and Part B
                (Drug Plan purchased 

  •  Monthly premium vary-depends on plan selected, carrier and state clients lives in.

  • They have plans such as A-D and K-N.

  • They are also called Medigap Policies.

  • All plans offers the same basic benefits: some offer additional benefits so you can choose which plan meets your needs.

  • If you have Original Medicare as your Health insurance Coverage. Medicare Supplement insurance is available to help pay some of the remaining health care costs original Medicare does not cover.

  • Must purchase separate drug plan for drug coverage.

  • Med supp info pulled from Medicare & you book (page 75)

We provide Health Insurance for qualified Medicare people.

Speak with a Licensed Insurance Agent

"This is solicitation of Insurance: A licensed insurance agent is contracted with multiple carriers offering Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans each with a Medicare contract. Enrollment depends on contract renewal. Contact may be made by a licensed agent on insurance agent or insurance company. We do not offer every available plan in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-900 Medicare to get information on all your options" CF563 8/2022

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