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Whether you’re enrolled in Medicare already or are planning to enroll soon, there are a few mistakes that could result in penalties or cost you money. From misunderstanding your company’s insurance coverage to missing the enrollment window, learn how to spot and avoid the most common mistakes—and even how to correct some you may have already made.

Common mistakes we’ll discuss include:

  • Missing the enrollment window

  • Botching the special enrollment window

  • Misunderstanding your job’s insurance coverage

  • Ignoring late enrollment penalties

  • Not fully weighing your Medicare health care options

  • Delaying adding a medicap pan if you only have original Medicare

  • Not understanding all of the out-of-pocket costs

  • Picking a plan that doesn’t have your doctors in the plan network

  • Picking up prescription drug plan that does not cover your current medications or meets your needs.

  • Assuming that you can’t afford Medicare 

Contact us for more information. Our licensed agent are ready to help you find a medicare plan that fits your  needs and budget

Common Medicare mistake to avoid

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